We provide general, technical (legal, financial, administrative, medical/health as well as pharmacological, architectural, engineering and construction, editorial etc.) and sworn translations.

Sworn Translation

A sworn or official translation is considered to be an official document and its content is certified as true in the sense that the document is a true and accurate translation of the original. Sworn translations are signed and sealed by a Sworn Translator and Interpreter, who is duly authorised to perform official and independent translations of oral or written acts that are legally binding. Sworn translations are usually required when the translation is to be submitted to public bodies, official bodies, as well as to Courts, Embassies and Consulates, Notaries, etc. Please also refer to the detailed information on sworn translation and related procedures.


We have a team of professional and specialised interpreters for almost all language pairs, who can assist clients in meetings, conferences, congresses, legal proceedings, press conferences, product presentations, civil and religious events etc., or simply assist with paperwork in bank or other entities, or indeed private conversations, in order to help communication between individuals and professionals of different nationalities and languages.


We translate from and into all the main languages and in any possible combination. In the case of sworn translations, it may sometimes be necessary to translate first into our working language which is Spanish and then from Spanish into the target language.


As part of our service and at no additional cost, we can advise on various types of translation and interpreting procedures and processes.

Meeting room rental

We have a spacious and quiet meeting room in our office, right in the centre of Ibiza, which is available for rent for meetings or gatherings of up to eight (8) people.